Compo Details

Timeframe: 48 Hours
Theme: An Unconventional
Date: Apr 17, 2015


Windows Version (zip)
Linux 32-Bit Binary


Ludum Dare competition
Game Entry @Ludum Dare


RopeBox is a platformer where the goal is to reach the top of a tower. The player's jumping abilities alone will not be enough to reach the top. In order to gain more height you must use the magical ropebox.
There is not too much to this game, I mostly tried to get the platforming physics to be decent. There is only one enemy type (red circle) and there is currently no payoff for reaching the top of the level.
Performance of the web version is considerably lower than either the Windows or Linux specific versions, so if you get below 60 fps in the browser please consider trying one of those.


When holding the ropebox
x:throw ropebox
x+up:throw ropebox upward
When NOT holding the ropebox
x:pull yourself towards the ropebox
x+down:pickup the ropebox
s:retract the ropebox